Office Ceilings & Partitioning Equipment
in Cardiff & Bristol

We have a wide variety of office and ceiling partitioning equipment, screens, raised access flooring, integrated furniture, seating and many associated internal furnishings in various styles and sizes that will match the look and needs of your space. Our products are made using fire proof material.

Suspended Ceiling Installation
for South Wales & Newport

Suspended ceilings can make a great difference to the atmosphere and productivity of your office. We first begin by explaining to the customer our ceiling design, following discussion with the client we will go ahead and install the new system.

We supply MF Ceilings, common in most offices, acoustical tiles which are designed to absorb sound to varying degrees. These tiles keep the sound levels low and keep the sound from traveling from room to room.

Light Reflectance should be considered in your office, especially in areas with indirect lighting. Suspended ceiling tiles make more efficient use of available light and can reduce the number of light fixtures needed, which helps to contain energy costs.

A ceiling partition can also help with the humidity of the room.

Demountable Partitioning Systems

Demountable partitioning systems have become increasingly popular. They allow staff to maintain visual contact keeping the office feeling open and bright, at the same time providing an excellent level of sound proofing and an easily adapted office space. We offer various types of partitioning systems suitable for any budget, while taking into account the clients requirements for sound reduction, fire precautions and office design.

Glazed Partitioning

We offer a vast array of different forms of partitions to best suite your needs, glazed partitioning has become increasingly popular as it allows for areas of privacy, yet keeps the office feeling open allowing light into otherwise dark rooms. There are numerous partitioning systems available these include acoustic partitioning, demountable partitions, aluminum partitions, glazed partitioning, moveable partitioning, office partitions, stud partitions, screens and modules.

partitioningequipmentThere are many advantages that partitions have over walls. Partitions give you the flexibility to rearrange the space in your building at any time, they are more cost effective than solid walls and they are a lot quicker to assemble. They can help to add structure to your workspace, creating areas for specific teams to work enabling a higher level of productivity. Partitioning comes in many styles from materials such as wood, aluminum, wire or glass, you're sure to find a design that will match your office. Our Fixed Partitions, and stud partitions are an advantage as they can be installed in a short amount of time.







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